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How to Buy and Pay

If through Online Purchase :

  • 1. Select the item that you want, then "ADD" the item into the shopping bag , press "Checkout".
  • 2. Fill in the necessary information.
  • 3. Select Payment Method : Internet Banking or Credit Card
  • 4. For Credit Card payment, fill in the necessary information. You will receive an email on your Order Number and your Order Details. If the payment is successful, you will definitely receive a notification.
  • 5. For Internet Banking, payment can be made through online via Maybank2U, payable to LK FLORIST, MBB A/C : 5123-6112-1647 (Swiftcode : MBBEMYKL). Kindly notify us by faxing (03-78047633) or emailing (ORDER@LKFLORIST.COM) the deposit slip to us.
  • 6. Once payment is successfully transferred to our account, we will then process your order (for credit card and internet banking).

If through Manual Purchase :

  1. 1. Download this ORDER FORM (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD).
  2. 2. Fill in all the necessary information. Fax (03-78047633) or Email (ORDER@LKFLORIST.COM) the Order Form to us. We will definitely contact you once we received the Order Form. If you did not hear from us within 2 hours.(during our official working hours 10am-6:30pm), please contact us as there may be some technical issues.
  3. 3. Our Bank Details : Maybank, payable to LK FLORIST A/C : 5123-6112-1647. Kindly notify us by faxing (03-78047633) or emailing (ORDER@LKFLORIST.COM) the deposit slip to us. We will start processing your order once we have received the deposit slip.
  4. 4. If you are performing an online transfer other than M2U, the clearance of payment will only take place after 1 working day. We will process the order once the payment is successfully transferred to our bank account.