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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if recipient is not at home?

For residential delivery, the contact number of the recipient is required as we will call the recipient to ensure he/she is presence. If the contact number is not provided to us, we will deliver based on the Delivery Time range provided by you. However, if the recipient is not at home during our delivery and re-delivery is required, there will be a re-delivery fees imposed based on the destination of the delivery

2. What if the recipient is not in the office?

Normally the product will be “parked” at the front-desk or the front-desk will immediately intercom the recipient to collect.

However, if the front-desk informs us that the recipient is on leave, we will then contact you for immediate action. If re-delivery is required, there will be a re-delivery fees imposed based on the destination of the delivery.

3. Which delivery zones do you cover?

Kindly click here to view our list of areas we delivery to.

4. What are your delivery times?

Kindly click here to view our standard delivery schedule.

5. Do you provide delivery services on public holidays and Sundays?

Kindly click here to view our standard delivery schedule.

6. What if i want to make a last minute urgent delivery?

For deliveries not within our standard delivery time/dates, kindly give us a call at 03-78047633 and we'll try to accomodate your request.

7. How secure is your payment gateway?

Our credit card payment gateway is powered by MOLpay.

8. How do I know if my order has been received?

LK Florist personnel will contact you once your order is being received. You will definitely hear from us. If you do not hear from us within 2 hours after placing your order, kindly call us.

9. How do I know if my order has been delivered?

You can also check through our website on the delivery status (if you are a registered member, go to [My Account] > [View Transaction History]). If you require a copy of the delivery order (DO), kindly request from us.

10. Can I make an offline order?

Yes you can. Provide us the information based on the Order Form and you can either email or fax to us. Payment can be made via Internet Banking (M2U). If you are using another bank to transfer the payment to us, it will take 1 working day for clearance.

11. If I order now, when can you deliver?

Scheduling of delivery will only be done upon receiving the full payment, either via Internet Banking or Online Credit Card payment. For delivery schedule, kindly refer to our daily delivery schedule.

12. Will my name (sender’s name) appear in the Delivery Order (DO)?

By default, your name and mobile number will appear in the DO. This is for us to conveniently contact you should any issues arise. However, if you do not prefer your name to appear in the DO, kindly notify us and we will not indicate your name in the DO.

13. When is considered a peak season?

Peak season refers to the month that celebrates Valentine, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, Christmas.

14. Are there any delivery charges?

We provide free delivery charges to PJ/KL area. For other areas, kindly call us to enquire.

15. How do I make payment?

Credit Card (online), Internet Banking, ATM Cash Deposit. Cheque payment is only applicable to regular corporate clients only.

16. What are your success rates in fulfilling the orders?

We keep a very tight monitoring on our orders. In any case we are unable to deliver, you will be informed immediately and a full refund will be provided to you.

17. Can you deliver to the recipient in a specific occasion, ie; restaurants, graduations, weddings?

Yes we can. However, full corporation and planning ahead is required from you for this mission. However, there will be an additional fees of RM15 impose for this service, if the delivery time is after 8pm.